University Computer Centre

(The Central Computing Facility)

The University has high-tech Computer Centre with 100 advanced computers with LAN & Wi-Fi Facility, LCD projection systems, latest hardware and software, digital cameras, printers, scanners, and video cameras etc. It was established in 2018 and since then, it has been providing all kinds of IT services to the Administration, faculty as well as the students of the University. It has also provided software solutions to various University activities including Administration, Academics, Examinations, Affiliation and purchase. Computer network and Internet services are also the major IT infrastructure which are being provided and maintained by Computer Centre. As a part of JCBoseUST pursuit to be technologically in sync with the times, the following hardware and systems have been installed in the computer centre:

  • Dell Server
  • HP Graphics work station,
  • Cyberoam firewall security system,
  • CCTV Surveillance security system,
  • NAS – Network Attached Storage data back-up system of 2TB capacity.
  • Biometric attendance for students. 

A new utility centre was started for the students and faculty of the college with facilities for printing, scanning, and free stations for internet browsing.

Growth in Digitization & IT Integration

Computer’s Configuration

Processor Architecture

Intel(R) Core (TM) i7-8700 CPU @ 3.20GHz   3.19 GHz


8 GB





Server Configuration

Processor Architecture



Intel 2X     


64 GB



Number of Cores per Processor


Processor Base Frequency (GHz)


Processor Turbo Frequency (GHz)


Total Cache (L1+L2+L3) (MB)


Processor Description/ Number

Intel Xeon Silver 4210

Roles & Responsilblities

  • Strategic planning, oversight and direction of the University’s IT infrastructure, resources and services
  • Consulting with academic and administrative units to evaluate their IT requirements, capabilities and requests
  • Managing University's central IT infrastructure and services, including academic and collaborative applications, accessible technology, administrative systems and information management, classroom technology, computing infrastructure, data centres, information security and privacy, IT services and strategic sourcing, networking, technology process continuity and telecommunications
  • Working with the Administrative Heads and Deans and appropriate governance committees (IQAC, Departments, Planning, Admissions, Examinations, Libraries etc.) to determine IT strategies, policies, priorities and resource allocations


  • National Optical Fiber Network (NOFN) connectivity is available through National Knowledge Network (NKN) program with a capacity of 1 Gbps extendible up to 100 Gbps.
  • 100 Mbps BSNL line is also operational and is being used as a backup line and a parallel resource.
  • Detail of the Computer and Internet Facility made available to the Faculty and Students.

All the computers in the building are connected in LAN and provided with the internet facility. All the computer lab and faculty and staff admin computers are interconnected and facilitated with internet. The connection to all the users is secured with the username and password. The internet connection has bandwidth of 1GPS. The connection is available to all the users 24×7 including Saturday and Sunday.

  • Strategies for deploying and upgrading the IT infrastructure and related facilities
  • ICT enabled classrooms have been introduced for enriching the teaching and learning process.
  • More number of hardware and software are added to cater to the needs of the students and staff.
  • Every department has Internet facility to speed up the activities like browsing and research.
  • Interactive boards, Digital visualizer, electronic podium, Digital slate etc. have been added to upgrade the IT infrastructure facilities.
  • The Computers in the Lab are well configured that is suitable for the use of design software by the users. These computers are upgraded as per the need of university syllabus and the software version change.
  • The computer and related electronic equipment are tested and maintained with a scheduled frequency to keep the facility up and running.
  • In every three months all the computers and related equipment are cleaned with the appropriate blower and tools. The inventory of the products is done to check and update the deadstock.
  • Institution facilitates extensive use of ICT resources including development and use of computer-aided teaching learning materials by its staff and students.


For all the Desktop Computers provided to Employees and students. Finding the best possible suitable configuration for the design needs and provide them the best troubleshooting of all the pc and software.


All the PCs are connected in LAN. The networking layout designing and implementation is done. The computers are spread over four storied and in two wings of the building.


The campus is enabled for wireless connectivity. All the laptop users and Smart devices are getting connected to the resources with DHCP enabled access points. Free yet Secure and controlled internet connection is provided to all.


For authentication of users on the client PC, windows 2019 server is configured. The policies are implemented for various groups and users.


The anti-virus server console is configured for catering the centralized updating support for clients.


Bio-Metric attendance system for maintaining entries of students/staff.


Network Attached Storage Server is configured for automatic / schedule data backup for all the users in the campus. The backup system is based on WIN2K8 authentication and is secure. The basic system is embedded chip in Linux.


The LCD Projectors are placed at various locations and used for students and staff, for presentations, seminars, workshops.


‘Cyberoam’, is a unified threat management system. It has user management, bandwidth management system, anti-spam, antivirus, IDP, web and content filtering etc.


Dr. Neelam Duhan (Director, University Computer Centre & Digital Affairs)

Sh. Ankit Pannu (System Analyst & In-charge, University Computer Centre)

Telephone: 0129-2310136

S. No.




Sh. Ankit Pannu

System Analyst


Sh. Manmohan Dagar

Junior Programmer


Sh. Himanshu Singh

Lab- Technician


Sh. Sunil Kumar

Lab- Attendant