Faculty of Life Sciences

About the Faculty Dean

Prof. Ashutosh Dixit

Faculty of Life Sciences currently hosts one department, the Department of Life Sciences. This department is a rather new addition to the University and started in session 2020-21 with postgraduate programs in four disciplines i.e. Biotechnology, Microbiology, Zoology, Botany. All these programs were started with an aim to strengthen the knowledge of students in different fields of Life Sciences so that they can serve society in a better way. All the programs are research-oriented and would help the students to broaden their understanding of various disciplines of Life Sciences. An undergraduate program has also been started from the session 2021-2022 with the course name B.Sc. Life Sciences.

In the future, the Faculty of Life Sciences aspires to pursue interdisciplinary research in the field of basic and applied biology and be a beacon to produce brilliant young researchers, entrepreneurs, and leaders in the field of Life Sciences.