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The journalism and Mass Communication program is a comprehensive program including Social Media, Print Journalism, Broadcast Journalism, A-V Program Production, Media Management, Public Relations, Advertising, Media Research, and much more.  All these subjects are much more practical than theoretical which makes Journalism and Mass communication courses different from conventional ones.  To fulfill the practical demand of the Journalism course, the department of communication and media technology has established two media labs out of which one media lab-1 has 16 workstations, whereas, the other media lab-2 has 35 workstations and 2 Apple Mac. Both Media Labs are meant  for following meaningful purposes:


Video Editing and VO facility: Both Media labs are equipped with the most demanded video editing Adobe Premiere software to train students in Audio Visual editing. Besides having Video editing software, lab-2 is also equipped with Voice over recording facility for quality-based Audio-Visual program production. 


Photo-Journalism: For  Photo-Journalism training, Labs equipped with Six(6) Nikon DSLR Cameras with extra 70-300 Zoom lens. Labs are also equipped with Adobe Photoshop software for Digital Photography training where students can  hands-on practices on different aspects of still photography. Hence, students

Print Media: Labs are also equipped with  Corel Draw, Page Maker, Quark Express, and Adobe InDesign to train the young Journalists in different aspects of Print Media. Lab-1 is also equipped with A-3 page Printer as students prepare and published Quarterly Bilingual Tabloid Newspaper named "Sanchaar".

Graphic Design: Labs are also loaded with Adobe After Effects,  Illustrator, Studio and Sketch etc. Software to make the students excel in Graphics desiging ought to use in A-V programs production, Print Media and Advertising.

Digital Marketing: Labs are also equipped with WordPress, Google Analytics and Mail chimp etc. to provide the hands-on practice to the future Digital marketers.

Social Media: Media Labs are also equipped with various Fact checking softwares and Social Media apps namely Instagram, Facebook, Twitter, Youtube etc.  to horn the students how to identify the 'Fake News' and better usage of various Digital Media platforms for Blogging, Vblogging, creating of Web News portal etc.

Conclusion: The Department of Communication and Media Technology's main motto is to make young Media students versatile in various Media fields. So that, students can accept the challenge happily in any media field including Print, Electronic, Digital, Public relations & Advertising, etc., and earn their livelihood in any condition.

Facebook link of inauguration of lab : Click Here

Prof. Atul Mishra

Dean and Chairman