Public Relations

Public Relation Office:

From its beginnings, YMCA University has played a vital role in public life. The Office of Public Relations is the official source for news, information and University-wide events. The office is headed by a Public Relation Officer.

The office is committed to informing the public and university community about the quality and diversity of the learning environment at YMCAUST, the level of education, and the university's dedication to finding practical solutions to meet the challenges students face today.

Talking with the media is a core function of Public Relation Office. The office is the single point of contact for any media personnel interested in covering the University. The office answers media queries, sends out press invitations and issues press releases on a regular basis, besides organizing press conferences and interviews with faculty, students or the University's functionaries as and when required.

The office makes arrangements for photography of events and occasions and maintains a record of newspaper clippings gathered from newspapers received in the University library every day.

For General

It is also advisable to keep the PRO informed about any communication with the media related to University and take prior approval from the Competent Authority before inviting any journalist to the campus.

For Media

If you are a member of the media interested in interviewing, photographing, audio or video recording any of the faculty, staff, students or functionaries; events; activities or facilities on campus, please e-mail your request to this office. 

Kindly provide your name, organization, contact information, deadline and a detailed description of the story you are working on, and someone will get back to you as soon as possible. If you desire to receive media invitations and press releases from YMCAUST, Faridabad, please email your contact details to us, and we will add you to our mailing list.


• Issuing press releases and write-up to media.

• Arranging and facilitating media coverage of YMCAUST.

• Assisting members of the YMCAUST community in their interactions with the media.

• Liaisoning with Department of Information and Public Relations, Haryana, the nodal agency of the Government of Haryana for posting the advertisement of University in various newspapers.

For More Information:

Mr. Jitender Singh Yadav

Public Relation Officer

Tel: (0129) 2310125 

Email: or