Legal Cell

Legal Cell of JCBUST:

The legal cell in the University was established to centralize all the disputes related to the University and ensure timely action before concerned courts to safeguard the legal interest of the University. The Legal Cell headed by an Assistant Law Officer was constituted as per the approval of the Competent Authority of the University. The Legal Cell is a very sensitive and important part of the administration, the activities of the cell is confidential and time bound. 


• To safeguard the Legal interest of the University. 

• To act upon the notices received from various courts. 

• To collect the copies of plaints, petitions, from concerned courts.

• To obtain necessary details in the form of parawise comments with relevant documents from the concerned department of the University. 

• To obtain the approval of Vice-Chancellor for engagement of Advocate from University Panel for pleading the case before concerned courts. 

• To prepare written statements, counter affidavits on the plaints and petitioners with the help of University Advocate and ensure its timely submission; before the courts. 

• To prepare and file the petitions, Appeal before Appellate Courts on behalf of the University with the help of Advocate against the orders of the lower court. 

• To ensure proper and effective plea of all the case pending before various courts viz. District Courts, Labour courts, Consumer Courts, Public Service Tribunals, High Courts and Supreme Court, etc. 

• To help in preparation of replies of Legal Notices received by the University.

• To examine and vet the administrative orders, drafts of contracts, Memorandum of Understanding, Agreements for execution. 

• To provide legal assistance to the Competent Authority as and when required and to assist University administration for maintaining discipline, law and order. 

• Assistant Law Officer is Public Information Officer for Right to Information Act 2005 in Legal Cell and also keeps all the record of RTI’s comes in the University for Information as Assistant State Public Information Officer.

• Processing of various fee bills of advocate rendering advice to the University and recommend formulating new panels of advocate for the University.


For further information:

Mrs. Renu Dagar

Assistant Law Officer

Tel: (0129) 2310125



Sh. Sawan Kumar Sah