Faculty Team

Sr. No Coordinator(s) Task(s)
1. Dr. Neelam Duhan (CE), Director, Digital Cell -Overall responsible for activities related to cell.
2 Ms. Manju Rani (EE) Dr. Rewa Sharma (CE) Ms. Shivi Garg (CE) - MOOC enrolments of students for Credit transfer - MOOC enrolments of faculty for enhanced learning as per AICTE mandate - SWAYAM-NPTEL Local Chapter - IIRS-ISRO outreach programmes for students/faculty - Other online courses except SWAYAM
3 Dr. Lalit Goyal (CE) Dr. Arun (Physics) - Digital classrooms - Digital Notice Boards - Lecture Capturing System for MOOC development/online teaching
4 Dr. Deepika (CE) Sh. Sachin Gupta (AR (Exams)) - NAD implementation - Digi-Lockers for students/staff - e-Office implementation
5 Sh. Ankit Pannu (System Analyst) Sh. Omdev (programmer) - Digital Learning management System (DLMS) - Faculty Information Management system (FIMS)
6 Sh. Nitin Panwar (ME) Dr. Suraj Goyal (Maths) Ms. Alka Rawat (JMC) - SWAYAM Prabha - Digital Literacy Programmes - Student activities and events - Miscellaneous day to day tasks
7 Sh. Jitender (PRO) - Digital media/coverage
8 Sh. Sanjay Kumar (CE) Sh. Krishan Kumar (CE) - Technical Support Team