Following is the brief description of work allotment to faculty members of the department (w.e.f. 15th Dec 2020):

S. No

Work Allotment


Brief description


Departmental Advisory Committee

Prof. RajKumar (Chairperson)

Prof. Sandeep Grover

Prof. Tilak Raj

Prof. M.L. Aggarwal

·       To guide, advice and mentor the department work

·       Any faculty may contact for the work allotted to him/ her in this letter

·       To meet the students of the department to discuss issues, if any


 Batch Coordinator
(2020-2024 Batch)


Batch Coordinator
(2019-2023 Batch)


Batch Coordinator
(2018-2022 Batch)



Batch Coordinator
(2017-2021 Batch)


M.Tech. Coordinator

Dr. Bhupender Singh



Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

Dr. Mahesh Chand


Dr. Krishan Verma

Sh. Nitin Panwar


Dr. Sanjeev Goyal

Dr. Bhaskar Nagar


Dr. Mukesh Gupta





To maintain personal record, attendance record, remedial classes record, feedback, scholarship, mentoring, projects, To initiate & organise industrial visits/ expert lecture






TPO Activities

Sh Nitn Panwar

·       T& P activities, participation etc



Overall B.Tech. Coordinator

Sh. Naresh Yadav

·       Overall Attendance

·       Career Counselling (GATE/ CAT/ Civil Services etc)

·       Community service

·       To maintain record of all pass out students

·       To assist Chairperson in other departmental work as assigned


Overall Infrastructure & facilities Coordinator


Dr. OP Mishra

·       To coordinate with all lab coordinators for development & requirements

·       To coordinate for purchase, upkeep & maintenance of all facilities & facelift including internet, computer, AC etc


Research/ Meetings Coordinator

Dr. Shefali Trivedi

·       To maintain all research/ PhD related record (previous & current)

·       To coordinate PhD admissions & continuance

·       DRC meeting holding & record of MoM

·       All Students research & publications record

·       BoS meetings & record (Previous & Current)

·       Staff Council meetings


Academic Coordinator

Dr. Sandhya Dixit


·       To coordinate for curricula review, record, uploading on website. (Along with Dr OP Mishra)

·       Library (Books/ Journal requirement/ usage etc)



Deptt. NAAC Coordinators

Dr. Nikhil Dev

Dr. Sanjay Kumar

·       To coordinate for NAAC, NIRF, IQAC & AQAR activities.



Deptt. NBA Coordinators

Prof. Vikas Kumar

Dr. Rajeev Saha

·       To coordinate for NBA activities



Deptt. ERP and Website related

Dr. Rajeev Saha

·       To maintain departmental Website

·       To upload all the departmental activities on ERP portal as well as departmental Website


Start up, Alumni Connect, industry projects, Incubation, Innovation & related

Prof. Vikram Singh

Dr. Sanjeev Goyal

·       To coordinate for such activities & guide students

·       Start up, Incubation, Innovation record and activities

·       Alumni record & feedback conduct/ analysis


Course Outcome, CO-  PO Attainment

Academic Audit

Prof. Hariom

Dr. Sanjeev Kumar

·       To maintain CO PO record for courses of department (Dr Hari Om and Dr Krishan Verma)

·       To get Academic Audit conducted (Dr Sanjeev Kumar)


Faculty Coordinator

Prof. Arvind Gupta

Sh. Nitin Panwar


·       To coordinate for faculty related record including basic data, research, consultancy, STC/ Conferences/ IPR/expert lecture etc

·       To extract the information from University Portal

·       PA to maintain


Students Activities

Dr. Vasdev Malhotra


·       To coordinate for Cultural, Sports activities & Clubs & record for same.

·       Departmental Magazine/ newsletter

·       Digital India related MOOC’s etc


Students Grievance Redressal/ Students’ Funding related

Prof. Lakhwinder Singh

Dr. Bhupender Singh

·       To coordinate for Students funding

·       To act as nodal point for Students Grievances


Test/ CBS Exam Coordinator

Time Table Coordinator

Dr. Rajesh Attri

Dr. Mahesh Chand

·       To prepare Time table

·       To coordinate for class test

·       To coordinate with COE for all exam related activities

·       To maintain departmental result, analysis & question papers.


Outside Agency Coordinator

Sh. Surender Singh

·       To coordinate schemes/ funding activities/data of UGC, AICTE, DST, DTE, AICTE/ EOA data etc

·       To maintain details and records of MOU’s

·       TEQIP (Dr R Saha)


Mechanical Clubs

Dr. Nikhil Dev Garg



Dr. Sanjay Kumar and



Dr. Bhupender Singh

·       SAE Club



·       MECHNEXT Club



·       ASHRAE/ESHRAE Chapter




Dr. Bhaskar Nagar

·       Any other work not mentioned above/as assigned by chairperson