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Faculty of Liberal Arts & Media Studies

Vision & Mission

Dean's Message

This faculty integrates, perhaps, the most diverse and also the most creative profiles. There is an incessant engagement with fresh ideas and projects. We hold regular 'ideation' meetings that are 'innovation' driven. The faculty discussions herald an academic or creative quest, ultimately materializing as a media documentary, animate stories or premium textual content for our students. While the frontline is empowered, the projects are timed and the efforts synchronized.

The Vice-Chancellor, Prof. S.K Tomar, had the foresight to realize the pertinence of this faculty to the university's appeal. Under his kind aegis, the faculty has been able to formalize courseware that utilizes the nascent strengths of the university to create content that is in consonance with front guard intellectual movements, interdisciplinary currents and new media.

After the undeniable invasion of new media, the influx of augmented reality, the world is poised to enter the era of Digital Humanities. Basic exposure to Data Analytics and Computational Tools shall prove to be a windfall gain for our graduates who will enter the current production-oriented world with matchless skills. While the media and animation curricula expose the students to new tools and platforms of their trade, our literature programmes emphasize their critical skills and cultivate their research aptitude for these domains.

The immediate focus shall be on capacity-building while considering the 'resource' limitations of a state university in perspective. I keep looking for solutions that could resolve technical or administrative issues that emerge out of our specific requirements- it is a pleasure leading this eclectic set of media-savvy teachers!

-Prof (Dr) Atul Mishra


Dean, Faculty of Liberal Arts and Media Studies

Journalism & Mass Communication

Animation & Multimedia

Courses Offered

 Bachelor of Science inVisual Communiacation & Multimedia Technology

 Bachelor of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (BAJMC) 

 Master of Arts in Journalism and Mass Communication (MAJMC) 

Bachelor in Social Work (BSW)

English Literature

The Masters in English programme carries a perennial appeal and has been part of universities faculties the world over. Despite temporal flux, this particular programme has prospered and been embraced by universities across the globe. The particular course offered by the university has been designed to immerse the students still deeper into the treasure house of world literature sweeping across races, geographical areas, cultures and times. The courseware offers a vivacious spectrum of readings and literary works, blending the canonized with the marginalized. This Masters programme shall equip students to use the literary and critical skills learnt during the course for creative productions. At the same time, this programme has the unique dimension of being conscious of international corporate demands giving a sweeping exposure to the students, through a string of elective subjects, audit courses, and dissertations, to skills required in the work-a-day world of professionals.

Courses Offered

Master of Arts in English - Two Years Degree Course


PhD scholars -Department of Literature and Languages



Year 2020-21

Year 2019-20



Simulacra 2020

Renasissance Digital Letter (2017-2021)

Simulacra 2022

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Journalism and Mass Communication

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English Literature

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