All concerned are requested to check the latest syllabus of UG/PG, the syllabus is periodically modified by Board of Studies(BoS) or when typing mistakes are reported by various stakeholders.

 Scheme and syllabus 2019-20

[Applicable to UG admitted students of 2018(main)/ 2019(LEET) and later and PG admitted students of 2019 and later]


1. B.Tech.(ECE) 2019-20 scheme 

2. B.Tech.(EIC) 2019-20 scheme 

3. B.Tech.(ENC) 2019-20 scheme 

4.  B.Tech.(EE) 2020-21 scheme

5. M.Tech.(ECE) 2019-20 scheme 

6. M.Tech.(VLSI Design) 2019-20 scheme 

7. M.Tech.(Signal Processing) 2019-20 scheme [Affiliating colleges] 




A. Amended Credit Transfer Policy for MOOCs with amendments approved in 20th Academic Council dated 31.08.2020.


B. The Department of Electrical Engineering has reconstructed the syllabus of Basic Electrical Engineering (ESC101) (Revised Code ESC101-A ) as per guidelines issued by the Haryana Higher Education state council vide letter no: 01/20 ADV/HSHEC dated 26/5/2020. (Click here to download the revised syllabus). 


C. As approved during the 20th Meeting of Academic Council, the following subjects are to be included in the curriculum of all undergraduate and postgraduate courses of the University: -

1.  Value Added Course (for Syllabus- click here)  
     Universal Human Values 2 : Understanding Harmony
     Course Code: HSMC (H-102)
2. Audit Course (for Syllabus- click here)
    Message of Bhagwat Gita
    Course Code: AC-02


Scheme and syllabus 2018-19

[Applicable to UG admitted students of 2017(main)/ 2018(LEET) and PG admitted students of 2018]

1. B.Tech.(ECE) 2018-19 scheme

2. B.Tech.(EIC) 2018-19 scheme

3. M.Tech.(ECE) 2018-19 scheme

4. M.Tech.(VLSI Design) 2018-19 scheme

5. M.Tech.(E&I) 2018-19 scheme

6. M.Tech.(Signal Processing) 2018-19 scheme [Affiliating colleges]

7. B.Tech.(ECO) 2019-20 scheme [First Year] 

Environment Science Syllabus for 5th semester Students admitted in 2017-18. 



Scheme and syllabus 2017-18

 [Applicable to UG admitted students of 2016(main)/ 2017(LEET) and PG admitted students of 2017]

1. B.Tech.(ECE) 2017-18 scheme

2. B.Tech.(EIC) 2017-18 scheme

3. M.Tech.(ECE) 2017-18 scheme

4. M.Tech.(VLSI Design) 2017-18 scheme

5. M.Tech.(E&I) 2017-18 scheme

6. M.Tech.(Signal Processing) 2017-18 scheme [Affiliating colleges]


 *Syllabus of general electives offered by Electronics Engg. Dept. to the students of other Dept.(Scheme 2017-18/GEC)


Scheme and syllabus 2010-11

[Applicable to UG admitted students before 2016(main)/ 2017(LEET) and PG admitted students before 2017]

1. B.Tech.(ECE) 2010-11 scheme

2. B.Tech.(EIC) 2010-11 scheme

3. M.Tech.(ECE) 2010-11 scheme

4. M.Tech.(VLSI Design) 2010-11 scheme

5. M.Tech.(E&I) 2010-11 scheme