FDP and Workshop on ‘VLSI Design Mind to Market28th Jan- 2nd Feb 19 was organised by EE Department for student and faculty of Electronics Engineering of different colleges. 

The following personalities have delivered the expert lecture in this FDP.

Dr. Arti Noor, C-DAC NOIDA

Dr. Chander Shekhar, CEERI Pilani

Dr.Koto Solomen Raju, CEERI Pilani

Dr. B. Prasad, CEERI Pilani

Dr. Karambir Rangra, CEERI Pilani

Amit Saini, Visual TCAD, Noida

Total 165 particpants attended the FDP/workshop.


Dr. Pradeep Kumar and Ms. Rashmi Chawla

FDP coordinator 
Department of Electronics Engineering
YMCA University of Science and Technology