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Note: Full time PhD positions are available (04) for Feb 2022 session and Students with interest in Physical/Organic/Inorganic Chemistry research areas may contact respective faculty. All NET/JRF Qualified students are exempted from appearing in PhD enterance exam of the Institute but it is mendatory to fill PhD enterance exam form.


Gaussian  Installation Guide: 
License Type: Single Machine Type Linux Gaussian 16 Department Lic.
Machine Type: Intel
Linux OS: Ubuntu (or Cent OS/REDHAT etc)
First check CPU Info (AVX /AVX2/ SSE4 - enabled) - which one is applicable among these 3 as per CPU availble with user. 
User@Machine:~ lscpu
User@Machine:~ lgrep avx2 /proc/cpuinfo
Installation Steps:
1. Get & locate the Gauss16 tar file in machine (as per machine CPU -  AVX or AVX2 or SSE4 enabled)   
2. Untar the content in ~/gauss16 on terminal 
    User@Machine:~ tar -xvf {tar  file name} -C ~/gauss16
    for .bj file plz use tar -xvfj command
3. User@Machine:~ cd g16/
    User@Machine:~ ./bsd/install

4. make environment entry in .bashrc file:
    User@Machine:~ vi .bashrc
    export g16root=~/gauss16  
    export GAUSS_SCRDIR=~/gauss16/temp
    . $g16root/g16/bsd/g16.profile

5. Source .bashrc file 
    User@Machine:~ source ~/.bashrc

Tar File : 1) SSE4 2) AVX2 (Need  permission)